Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Speed Concept Sculpt

So, I just recently discovered Sculptris and I took the opportunity to throw together a quick speed sculpt. I wasn't going for refined precision - more just going for something that looks interesting and gets done quickly. No reference, but I have been playing a lot of Deus Ex lately, so there's a bit of the man mixed with machine design philosophy going on here. I'm feeling a little bit of Darth Vader as well; chalk it up to all the talk of the new Blu Ray release coming out soon :/ This represents about 5 hours of sculpting


  1. Very nice! You're working the hard-surface sculpting! Is this from a concept or you're own design?

  2. ha, thanks broski. Yeah it's all me, wasn't working from reference :) I'm gonna do something toony next

  3. Cool model looks a little weird were the tubes change direction